Kahala Brands

Graphic Design, Web Design, Front-End Development, Illustration

Project: Design a new logo and website for Kahala Brands, a franchisor of quick-service restaurants featuring 18+ brands and nearly 3,000 locations worldwide. The company was changing it's name from Kahala to Kahala Brands and with it re-designing.

For the logo: I decided to keep the colors fairly similiar to the original logo as a way of keeping something consistent with the brand still, since so much of it was changing. I was tasked to find an entirely new type for the logo as well as create a mark for it. For the logomark, I wanted to draw a new semi-abstract shape to represent "Kahala spreading the brands around the globe in a wave" (tying back to the original Kahala theme) and I wanted it to look international and professional. There is an added level to the logomark as in an abstract way the wave and latitude/longitude lines can look like an ice cream cone. This is a nice "Easter egg" since the company has a lot of ice cream and frozen treat brands (and most known for the Cold Stone brand.)

For the website: They wanted to stick with the Hawaiian themed roots that have been a part of Kahala Brands since the beginning, but also present a modern, clean and fun feel.

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